Slack says desire to live in Vail is her strength

Vail Town Council candidate questionnaire - Kristy Slack

Daily Staff Report
October 27, 2005

1. Why are you running for Vail Town Council?

I am running for the purpose of balancing the council. The older, male population of Vail is well represented, however both the younger and female population is not. This will bring new perspective and fresh ideas on how to handle issues

2. What are the biggest issues facing Vail right now?

The biggest issues facing Vail right now are:

Conference Center.

Vail's renewal process, and why aren't we doing all the projects at the same time?

The younger population moving downvalley due to increases in real estate pricing.

3. What are Vail's greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Strength: We are a very open-minded community, knowing that we need to make change in order to continue attracting new residents and visitors.

Weakness: There are members of the community that are speaking out against changes that are occurring. These few have entirely too much influence on the decision makers.

4. What is your position on the proposed conference center? Why?

Build it. It will bring in dollars for not only our lodging community, but also our retailers, restaurants and activity vendors.

5. The planning commission unanimously endorsed a plan for redevelopment of the Crossroads complex in Vail Village earlier this year. Do you support that plan, and, if not, what specific changes would have to be made to this plan to make it acceptable?

Yes, I support the plan.

6. Redevelopment is under way in Vail Village and Lionshead, and major redevelopment is planned in West Vail and West Lionshead. How would you seek to influence this development?

We need to make sure our residents and retail vendors are not displaced due to the renovations taking place. We also need to make sure that all changes that occur are done at once. Our community cannot afford to be under construction for the next 10 years. It will be difficult now, but better for our town in the future.

7. This year's community survey shows residents said parking is the top issue facing the town. How would you deal with this issue?

Some of our public transportation runs more frequently than others during all times of the year. We need to make this more consistent for both East and West Vail residents. Knowing that many of our residents purchase parking passes for the winter season, we should come up with an incentive program for taking our complimentary public transportation. We should also work more closely with Vail Resorts to come up with an incentive program for the people traveling from the Front Range by carpool.

8. Does Vail need to be more welcoming to middle-class families? If yes, how?

Yes. There is a wonderful first-time homebuyers program in place, but many times families move out of the town of Vail because they have outgrown the property they are in. We need to have something in place to help these families upgrade homes and stay within the town of Vail.

9. Ask and answer your own question that will help voters decide how to vote.

Is political experience necessary to be on town council?

No, the desire to make this my home for many years to come will allow me to make the most well-balanced decisions I can for the community and its future.

Vail, Colorado