President - Alan Kosloff     Secretary - Ellie Caulkins    Treasurer - Patrick Gramm    Executive Director  -  Jim Lamont

Directors:  Judith Berkowitz  -  Dolph Bridgewater  -  Bob Galvin  -  Ron Langley  -  Bill Morton  -  Gretta Parks  -  Richard Conn


To:            Alan Kosloff, Board of Directors, and Interested Parties                               

From:         Jim Lamont

Date:          July 6, 2004

RE:            Vail Valley Drive and Golden Peak Neighborhood issues under discussion.


Meeting Notice: A meeting has been scheduled for representatives of Golden Peak neighborhood property owners to discuss several issues of concern to the neighborhood and the surrounding area (see map of neighborhood) at 10:30 a.m. on July 13, 2004 in the Town of Vail Council Chambers.  Representatives of the Town of Vail (TOV), Vail Resorts, Inc (VRI) and affected property owners have been requested to attend. 


Topics of discussion will include the following:

1.     Vail Valley Drive ski season traffic congestion.

2.     Manor Vail Redevelopment

3.     Implications of request to close Chalet Road

4.     Disposition of Gore Creek Drive east of its intersection with Vail Valley Drive

5.     Status of other public improvements in the neighborhood.




1.     Vail Valley Drive ski season traffic congestion:  The Association received complaints during the 2003-2004 ski season regarding episodes of traffic congestion on Vail Valley Drive between the South Frontage Road and the Golden Peak Children’s Center.  Various reasons have been reported as to the source of congestion.  Pedestrian safety issues have been raised as well.  The Golden Peak Management Plan, adopted in conjunction with the approval of the redevelopment of the Golden Peak Ski Base in 1996, provides for joint problem solving efforts for traffic related issues among effected neighborhood property owners, the Town of Vail, and Vail Resorts, Inc.  A representative of the Homeowners Association has met with representatives of both VRI and the TOV to bring the matter to their attention.  The Association has requested that a traffic management criteria be acknowledged, which insures that fire and life safety vehicles have, at all times, unhindered access to the neighborhoods or properties that have their sole access from the aforementioned section of Vail Valley Drive.


2.     Manor Vail Redevelopment Proposal: Manor Vail has a redevelopment proposal pending before the Town of Vail.   Recent view analysis provided by Manor Vail indicates that portions of the view of the Gore Range from the All Seasons Condominiums will be affected aspects of the proposal.   Objection to the proposed view blockage have be raised by All Seasons.  The type of zoning district (Special Development District, SDD) being requested requires that an appropriate “public benefit” be demonstrated by Manor Vail in exchange for a substantial increase in building density over that which is permitted by its existing zoning.  A debate as to what improvements would constitute an appropriate “public benefit” has occupied the attention of Town officials and Manor Vail developers for the past several months.  The Association has suggested that a possible “public benefit” would be the funding of streetscape improvements and a pedestrian walkway along Gore Creek Drive (from its intersection with Vail Valley Drive) and Chalet Road through Manor Vail to the west entrance (covered bridge) of Ford Park.   Among public benefits proposed by Manor Vail are landscape improvements to the Mill Creek bypass.    


3.     Chalet Road Proposed Closure:  The Texas Townhouse Condominium Association has requested the Town of Vail to close Chalet Road to vehicular access.  (see attachment – Texas Townhouses letter to the Town of Vail)  A representative of the Homeowners Association has met with the Town of Vail Public Works Department to discuss the implication of the proposal.   Concerns were discussed regarding streetscape/landscape improvements and maintaining access for pedestrians, snow removal equipment, and public safety (fire) vehicles.  There appears to be a recognition among most affected property owners, given traffic congestion issues on Vail Valley Drive, that it would be inappropriate to maintain Chalet Road as a through street as it would result in an undesirable flow of through-traffic in a residential neighborhood. 


4.     Gore Creek Drive (East of Vail Valley Drive) Proposed Vacation:  The Town of Vail Public Works Department has found the maintenance agreement between the Town of Vail and some of the condominium associations along Gore Creek Drive (see attachment 1981 letter of agreement TOV).  Interest has been expressed by the affected parties to discuss the prospect of vacating the remaining public right-of-way portions of Gore Creek east of Vail Valley Drive.   As parking for some of the neighborhood’s condominium units occur on the public right-of-way, a vacation would be a substantial benefit to affected property owners.  A portion of the Gore Creek Drive right-of-way has already been vacated and conveyed to the Texas Townhouse Condominium Association (see attached Ordinance 31, 1986).  The conveyance complicates the need to insure that appropriate street drainage improvements and access easements for the adequate circulation of public and private service vehicles as well as pedestrians are provided as conditions of the vacation.   The Town of Vail Public Works Department has conducted some of the necessary survey work to determine the location of land ownership boundaries and the configuration of drainage and other easements necessary to protect the public interest.


5.     Status of other public improvements in the neighborhood:  The disposition of the Chalet Road Tennis Courts has been raised in conjunction with the redevelopment of Manor Vail.  Currently, there is no proposal to abandon or remove the courts.  However, the condition of the courts and the willingness of the Vail Recreation District (VRD) to continue to operate and maintain them are of concern.  Additionally, a change in status of the Gore Creek Stream Tract is being discussed between Manor Vail and the Town of Vail.