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To:             Alan Kosloff, Board of Directors, Membership and Interested Parties

From:         Jim Lamont

Date:          November 19, 2006

RE:             Vail Community Wellness Center Concept


The attached web address accesses the “Aqua Dome” web site, which is a world class hotel and aquatic wellness center at Langenfeld/Solden in the Tyrol region of Austria.  The facility was toured in 2005 by representatives of the Town of Vail and Vail Village Homeowners Association. 


 Central Indoor/Outdoor Pool  



In the opinion of the Association’s representative, the “Aqua Dome” is the type of facility that the Vail community may want to give serious consideration  as a desirable community amenity.  Such a facility has multiple benefits because it has potential to be a hotbed/room night economic generator,  a community recreational amenity, and a wellness/healthcare/sport medicine facility.


Its name aside, the Aqua Dome bears little resemblance to the  “water park” or “swim center” concepts.

The Aqua Dome facility is designed for a mature age group.  It uses advanced hygienic technology in all aspects of the facility.  It combines large recreational pools with a wide variety of small scale aquatic therapeutic features, such as, saunas, stream baths, brine and exercise pools.  The therapeutic aspect of the aquatic facilities creates opportunities for the attached hotel to attract upscale recreational guests as well as specialized markets for wellness conferences and therapeutic services.  It uses state-of-the-art technology to provide an amenity that allows for simultaneous private and public access on a scale large enough to be a major economic generator for the surrounding resort communities. 


Elements of the Aqua Dome facility could be a model for the design and programming of the wellness center being proposed for inclusion in the proposals for the redevelopment of the Lionshead parking structure.   Secondly, the scaleable configuration of the use allows for both above and below ground design configurations, creating the opportunity for the facility to be expanded in conjunction with the future upgrading of Dobson Arena and the expansion of the medical center.   These opportunities would give both the Vail Recreation District and the Vail Valley Medical Center incentives to shape their operational and development efforts to be mutually supportive of conference, hotel and residential facilities being considered on the Lionshead Parking Structure site and in the surrounding neighborhood. 


It is suggested that serious consideration could be given to including the foregoing “Wellness Center” concept in the master planning and development discussions effecting the detailed planning of the Lionshead Parking Structure, Dobson Arena, Medical Center and adjacent neighborhood.