Crossroads Special Election Results

July 11, 2006

Contact:   Lorelei Donaldson, 479-2136
      Vail Town Clerk

Tonight's Unofficial Election Results

Question 1:
Shall Ordinance No. 5, Series 2006, an Ordinance Establishing Special
Development District No. 39, Crossroads, to Facilitate the Redevelopment
of an Existing Mixed Use Development in the Town of Vail, take effect?
   Yes   1,110   70%
   No    467     30%

The approval of Question 1 allows the Crossroads/Solaris project to
continue through the development review process. The exterior design and
landscaping plan must be approved by the Town of Vail Design Review
Board (DRB). Once approved, the developer may apply for a building

Question 1: Crossroads Special Development District Background
Tonight's special election was set following a citizen petition process
seeking to overturn the Vail Town Council approval of the Crossroads
project. The citizens' committee collected a minimum 380 valid
signatures from registered voters to bring the action forward as
required by referendum procedures outlined in the Vail Town Charter and
state statute.

The Council had voted 4-3 at its March 21, 2006 meeting to approve the
Special Development District facilitating the Crossroads redevelopment,
located at 141 and 143 Meadow Drive in Vail Village. As approved, the
project includes 69 condominium units, 58,804 square feet of retail, 338
underground parking spaces, a bowling alley, arcade and movie theater,
plus a public ice rink contained within a half-acre public plaza.

Voter Turnout
1,577 votes cast (highest number of votes cast in any Vail municipal
39 percent voter turnout
4,045 registered voters

2004 Special Election Recap
In January 2004, the last time a special election was held in Vail, 555
votes were cast out of 4,151 registered voters (13 percent.) The
election was held to fill a Vail Town Council vacancy created by the
departure of Ludwig Kurz, who was term-limited. Farrow Hitt was elected
with 227 votes from a field of 3 candidates to serve the remainder of
the term.

In November 2001, the last time a citizen-initiated question was placed
on a ballot, a charter amendment outlining a process that would have
allowed citizen challenges of all decisions made by the Town Council
failed by a vote of 675 to 256.

Historical Voter Turnout for Vail Municipal Elections
2005   3,800 registered voters   1,356 voted   36 percent
Regular Municipal Election

2004   4,151 registered voters   555 voted   13 percent
Special Election to fill a council vacancy

2003   3,587 registered voters   1,111 voted   31 percent
Regular Municipal Election

2001   3,074 registered voters   923 voted      30 percent
Regular Municipal Election

1999   3,621 registered voters   1,075 voted      30 percent
Regular Municipal Election

1997   3,266 registered voters   380 voted      12 percent
Regular Municipal Election

1996   3,616 registered voters   362 voted   10 percent
Special Election to fill a council vacancy

1995   3,553 registered voters    982 voted      28 percent
Regular Municipal Election

1995   3,421 registered voters   697 voted   20 percent
Special Election on restrictions of assault weapons and construction of
a cemetery
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